Important Announcement – New Beginnings

Hello, everyone. I have moved to this place and I’m turning it into an online magazine for writers and artists. Hoping to see you all there. If you want, you can also join the team of creative people who are working together at Proud Pakistanii to make it the best place for artists.

Much love,

Ambreen Ejaz.


Let’s talk about what’s in my bag. 

A friend was talking about how good ‘what’s in my bag?’ videos on YouTube are when I said I’ve never watched one. She insisted I watch one ASAP and as soon as I did it, I thought, ‘damn, I’ve got to do this in a blog’. So, here I am, about to show you what I have in my bag. 

I’m not really a bag carrying person, normally I just take my clutch when I’m going out. But the times I do decide to take my bag, I fill it thinking I can’t leave my favourite things behind or they’ll get sad. So my bag is often heavy and filled with all sorts of random things. 

1. Journals: 

I normally have only one journal in my bag. But if I’m going to another city, I take all my journals with me. Because sometimes when you get writing ideas, you want to write them in this one particular journal, and the next day you may want to write in the other one. Always be prepared. And keep pens, to write.

2. Book(s):

When Mariam sent me this penguin’s special edition of The Great Gatsby, she said she wanted it to be the book I carry with me on journeys. Since then, this book is often found in my bag. Also, because I love this book. 💁 I add a couple of more books if I’m going away for a few days. 

3. Lip products:

I always carry a lip balm with me. In addition to that, I also keep my lip glosses in my bag because I’m the kind of person who needs to refresh their lip gloss often. 

Baby lips and lip gloss from maybelline. One lip gloss from a random store. Yes, I’m not that brand conscious. 

4. Lotion/Moisturiser and a BB cream:

This lotion is rather a new resident of my bag because Winters have just arrived. My skin gets very dry in this season so a lotion is a must. 

Vaseline’s lotion. 

Pond’s BB cream. 

5. Perfume:

I love deodorants and perfumes. I literally take at least 3 perfumes and 2 deodorants with me when I’m going to another city. 

Deodorant from Dove. 

Hugo Boss perfume. 

6. Eye Liners:

While I was taking this picture, I realised I keep my eye liners in my bag for no particular reason. It’s not like I go to someone’s house and then apply liner. I’m very confused. This could lead to an existential crisis. 

Eye liners in black, green, purple, and brown from essence cosmetics. 

7. Medicines:

I keep a few pain killers in my bag because migraine can strike at any moment. 

8. Phone:

Do I need to talk about its importance? 😛

9. Earphones:

I don’t listen to music in public places or when I’m visiting someone for a few hours but I often have my earphones in my bag. 

10. Rest of the items:

This post is getting out of hand so I decided to make this category. I have a few old receipts in my bag, my glasses, house key and my clutch. 

A random jewelry item can also be found in the depths of my bag. Also, hijab pins, totally forgot to put them in the picture. 

Thanks for reading, people. If you decide to do a post like this, do let me know. 

Until next time. x


​The first glance at you was a spiritual experience. I remember thinking my search has ended and I have found my saviour. I was sure the shine of your eyes could heal my wounds 

But time passed and nothing changed. You begin to fade away. 

Maybe they are right who say that we are sent to this earth only to love people and be saved by them. But I’m a human, God’s favourite creation, angels bowed to me. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not supposed to worship you, darling. Maybe your hazel eyes and sweet words don’t mean you are my saviour. You have your battles and I have mine. 

Maybe if we stopped putting so much effort in trying to find a home in someone else, maybe if we stopped thinking that people can save us, we will realise that the only person sent to this earth for us lives within. 

We are our own saviours, and our homes are built in our hearts, if only we pay attention, if only we decide to see. 

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar – MangoBaaz’s Celeb City Roast Video

If you are a native of planet twitter, you must have witnessed hundreds of city wars, and may have even fought in a few (just with your keyboard, of course 😉 ). But this time MangoBaaz took the battle to a new level with some cool warriors who fought in a rather hilarious fashion. Uzair Jaswal, Ali Safina, and Ushna Shah roasted each other’s cities in this comical video.

Being hopelessly in love with Islamabad, I thought Uzair Jaswal nailed the video. But since my opinion can be biased, let’s see what people of the twitterverse had to say about the arguments Uzair put forward in favour of his city.

Although to me Islamabad is the best, I believe in appreciating my opponent when they make a good point. Hence, Ushna Shah’s wittiness in the video got me like,


And I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Ushna’s comebacks, here’s the opinion of my fellow tweeps who thought she owned the boys like a queen.

Have you guys watched MangoBaaz’s video? What did you think of it? What was your favourite part of the video? And which celebrity won your heart with their arguments and inspired you to defend your city? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. This city roast video is just for fun and should not be taken seriously.

#AlhumdulilahForSeries by Ayeina – Journal Review

The generous people at Ayeina sent me this beautiful journal for review.


My first thought was this should be given to kids to develop a habit of gratitude in them from the beginning, but as I sifted through the pages, I realised that we, the adults, need it more than the kids. This journal reminds us to be grateful for the things that we adults take for granted. We have become too focused on all the negative things in life, ignoring the things (and even people) that make life better.

^ This page really got me thinking. I have said Alhumdulilah many times when the sun comes out in winter but I have never said it for the clothes that keep me warm in the sun’s absence.
This journal makes me smile. It will remind you (with beautiful illustrations) that you have so much to be grateful for and it also has a weekly update space, where you can write about the things that made your day better and made you say, Alhumdulilah.

The journal is available in both hardcover and paperback. The quality of the pages is very good and complements the beautiful illustrations.


Aside from this beautiful gratitude journal, Ayeina’s official website along with their Facebook and Instagram accounts is filled with inspirational stuff for all Muslims. Get an #AlhumdulilahForSeries journal for yourself today to develop a habit of gratitude. It’s also a great gift for friends and family. Let us all be thankful for life’s numerous blessings.


Transferring The Pain To Someone Else

“I want to end it,
The pain,”
I tell her.
“I imagine a blade across my wrist,
And only the imagination brings me immense relief.
What if I actually do it.
It will end the pain.”

“Will it?”
She asked.
“That blade will take the pain,
From you, surely.
But that pain will get transferred,
To all the people who thought,
You were better than that.
To all the people,
Who wanted you in their future.”

“Suicide…”, she said as she looked away,
“Is the most selfish way out,
By giving your pain to the few,
Who so deeply loved you.”

2 AM Thoughts

“People outgrow you, siblings, lovers, childhood friends. They become more or find someone else or they just get busy. You stop being a major part of their lives. An occasional hello, a birthday greeting, that’s all you get from them. And there’s nothing you can do.”
“I think everyone I ever loved has outgrown me and now I just sit and miss them. I miss too many people and they don’t even exist anymore. They have become more, they have outgrown me.”


Hair Fall Remedies

Hello, my lovely ladies!

Are you a victim of heavy hair fall? And has it made you think getting a haircut like Imperator Furiosa might be your only solution? Worry no more, my child. I’m here to help you with my totkays and they are better than Zubaida Apa’s because 1. I have tried them myself. and 2. they actually work.

I had been a victim of hair fall for years and nothing ever really helped, some attempts reduced the hair fall to some extent but nothing brought a great change. Except the two solutions I will be discussing in this post. In’sha’Allah they will help you too.

1. A Concoction of Awesome Oils:

You know when you can’t decide what to cook so you mix all the vegetables and the result is a good dish? That is what happened when I mixed a few cool oils. I was reading the benefits of different oils on the internet and I thought what if I mixed them all and then used them. AND THEY WORKED.

Oils I used*:
1. Mustard Oil
2. Amla Oil
3. Reetha(Soapnut) Oil
4. Black cumin seed (kalonji) Oil
5. Ready for the secret ingredient? *drum roll* Taramira(jamba) Oil

You have to take small amounts of these oils and add them all in a bottle. Add lesser amounts of Mustard and Taramira oils than other oils. Make sure you only add original oils. Taramira is a secret ingredient because Amla and Reetha get all the fame when it comes to hair saving job and nobody knows the powers of Taramira. (Poor Taramira 😦 ) Well, now you know. Apply this concoction on your hair and leave it on for 3 hours max. in your hair. Once you have been using it for a week, you can reduce the leave in time to 2 and then 1 hour.

You can add one more oil if you want. Add the oil that suits you a lot. Be it almond oil, olive oil, or even Neem oil. (I tried Neem oil, it was good.)

2. Aloe Vera, You Beauty:

Do you have Aloe Vera in your house? No? Do you wanna call the wrath of angry Aloe Vera on your house? No? Then get this plant in your house. You can get it from any local nursery. *waits for you to get the plant and come back* Did you get it? Good. Now let’s discuss the second totka.

What you are going to need?
1. Aloe Vera Gel
2. Original Coconut Oil*

What you have to do with them?
Mix them. What else? Apply the mixture in your roots and let it do its magic for an hour or two and then wash your hair and then, mujhey dua daina. Okay? Shabash!
You can mix these two ingredients in a blender since Aloe Vera gel is hard to mix with a fork. Keep using this until your hair are totally repaired.
* Getting original coconut oil is the key here. Remember that time the guy from your favourite shop told you, “baji ye coconut oil asli hai”? He lied. Find the shops that extract oils and get the oil extracted in front of you.

Some Extra Tips(Wo Bhi Free Main):

  • Be patient. These are natural products. They are going to take time. If your hair fall problem is 7 years old, give these guys at least 7 weeks before you start complaining.
  • Be consistent. Don’t use the oil once and forget about it for the rest of your life and blame me for telling you a fake totka.
  • No pain, no gain, right? So put in some effort to find original oils. Take out time from your schedule to care for your hair.
  • Choose a better shampoo. Try L’Oreal’s Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque. (Nopes, they didn’t pay me for this. Didn’t even give me a free mask.)
  • *The last advice is brought to you by your therapist* Try stressing a little less. What are you stressing about anyway? We are all going to die. So chill!


May Allah make whichever solution you decide to follow beneficial for you, Ameen.

Until next time. ❤

The Liebster Award

Hello, people!

I got nominated twice for The Liebster Award by Iqra (ramblingsofalazygirl) and Rimsha (auburnrhyme), thanks girls. I don’t want to bore you guys by answering 22 questions about myself so I have decided to answer half of Iqra’s questions and half of Rimsha’s.

In case you don’t know what the Liebster award is, here is a little something about it first. You get nominated by other blogs to answer eleven questions about yourself, after answering them you have to make eleven new questions and tag your favourite blogs for the award and they will have to answer your questions.

Okay, let’s do this fam. *rubs hands*

Iqra’s questions:  

1.Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog because I was dealing with grief and a friend suggested that I should          start writing about it.

2. What is one of your talents?

Um… Not knowing your talents should count as one, no?

3. If you could have only one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

PIZZAAAAAAAA. Is there really any other answer? *biryani staring at me from across the room* *hurriedly moves to the next question*

4. What’s your biggest weakness?

I refuse to understand this question. Weakness as in a flaw or weakness as in the thing I can’t live without? (note to self: you can answer a question with a question)

5. What annoys you the most in life that other people do/don’t do?

Judge others, make assumptions, think they know better about other people’s lives. Not really annoys me, but saddens me sometimes.

6. Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?

Depends. I like to plan but sometimes I’m up for spontaneous ideas too.

Rimsha’s questions:

 7. If you could only wear one type of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

This is my favourite question. 😀 Sneakersssssssss.

8. What motivates you to write/blog?

More like what inspires me and it can be anything. Sometimes it is the weather, sometimes my personal feelings. Sometimes I just read a word and it inspires me to write a poem.

 9. What is your dream destination?

Hmmm. I have many. Ultimate dream destination is one only, Jannah, In’sha’Allah.

 10. Assuming it would be safe to use – what would you change the ocean water to, and why?

To safe drinking water. SERIOUSLY? Who wouldn’t want that? So many people are living without safe drinking water and imagine if we could drink ocean water.

 11. Are you a morning or a afternoon/evening person?

I would like to be a morning person and I enjoy mornings a lot but since I sleep late, currently I am an afternoon person.
(I so wanted to answer this question with I’m barely even a person meme but I tried to act normal.)


I nominate:










rest of my favourite blogs have already been nominated, if you haven’t, consider yourself nominated and answer the questions below.

  1. What does writing mean to you?
  2. Your favourite poem?
  3. Which book/movie moved you the most?
  4. If you have to live on an island for six months and you could only take three items with you, given that food and clothes are already provided, what would they be?
  5. What was your answer to “what do you want to become when you grow up?” as a child and are you still following that dream?
  6. Excluding friends and family, who is your favourite person on this Earth?
  7. Funny childhood story?
  8. Favourite childhood cartoons?
  9. If you could bring one change in the world, what would it be? And why?
  10. Would you do an illegal thing if it’s morally right?
  11. What gets you through a hard day?

This Is Not a Poem

This is my heart,
And all the pain,
The memories,
I couldn’t tame.

It’s the hurt,
And the loss,
The date on the calendar,
I couldn’t cross.

This is not a poem,
Because words fail sometimes.

This is a reminder,
That grief has come to stay.

This is a punch in the gut,
The unshed tears, the unanswered wails,
And everything I have lost.

This is not a poem.

This is the song of a defeated soul,
Sung on a guitar with broken strings,
And every time the chorus comes,
I feel like this is the end.